Saturday, 30 December 2017

Closing 2017 Season in Ireland

Well 2017 was a many of "my first catch" year.....started with some beautiful Irish brownie on the lure and managed to master a little bit craft of the dry fly fishing for them on the River Boyne too.

Then not long after got my first salmon as well. Holly molly they are some crazy fish to fight with, the power of them is incredible and such a beautiful fish to hold and watch swim back with that big silver back on them. Next year my target to get one on fly .....if possible hahah well hope for the best I keep practicing my cast until the river opens again ;)

Then in the middle of all this was really nice to meet with Christopher Defillon and Nico Vindre.
Chris get me my first salmon and brownie because I was total rookie for the craft to catch them , excellent teacher and he knows his spots inside out on river and lake. Check him out on he also put his costumers to a big fish.

Then he drop me a line "heyy Nico my friend comes to Ireland for a few days fishing you wanna hopp in a boat?" Ohh hell yeah Im glad I did we had awesome laugh in those few days and lots of Illex was cool nice meet you Nico ;)

Crushing some PB,s on perch as well, manage to get a few very nice one this mostly because im very happy when I landing them and wanna put back fast as possible after photos etc.....I have no idea what weight or lenght are they, one is fatter but short the other one is longer but not that fat.....well at the end I dont really care, for me is 2x super duper nice perch, so yeah one of them is my pb perchy :D

 I also met with another lady angler Sandrine Marmilloud this year, and had a chance to fish with her also a few days , have to say we are pretty much on the same page and pretty lucky on the boat together.....we smash some trout on Sheelin it was super fun she is like Rambo hunts and everything , sometimes I wish so much to speak french ......but in this case we had our special language together ;)

And I had a chance to meet with David Gauduchon freelance journalist and crazy fishermen from france. He travels the world all around his storys are incredible and his photography work truly inspirational, also runs a guiding agent check him out here:

This year pike wise ......well......somebody gives me the trout fever (yes you responsible for this Chris)!!!! :D As you see mostly early season and summer I was after trout and salmon mostly....but ...... late autumn and winter manage to nick a few nice ones and im very happy with them :D

Meet with Damien Willis as well end of this year, one of the nicest people seriously and he is master of a fly for pike and trout over here in Ireland, he has some crazy knowledge from lots of water....super nice to meet you Damien and I hope we will catch up in future some more fishing it be awesome!

So yeah my move to Ireland was crazy at the start but hell mannn totally worth it .....learned a lot its insane! I had an amazing year and meet with so many amazing people, thank you so much my friends for all those lovely memorys I appericated very very much and hope we can spend time together next year also.....cant wait!!!!
Happy New Year and Tight Lines for 2018!


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