Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Ice ice baby....winter is arrived

Christmas blues is over so decided to go and do some super early morning trip for perch.
Super early i mean we arrived in dark wait for the sunrise in -4,5 degrees. Everything was frosted white and crispy.

It was absolutely freezing to stand out there and try to cast. And if all this wasnt enaugh the ice on the rod tip and in the eyes made every second cast difficult. Reels are become frozen and the braid is just one pure ice block, we was keen to get the sunshine out .

The fish was lurking just right at the bottom of the canal we felt the tap tap taps but they seems not in the proper feeding mode at all. The winner lure was the 3" Molix Caleo Craw Watermelon Red Black Flake, rigged texas style and slow like super slow retrieve on the bottom. 

Molix Caleo Craw 3"

Brilliant lure together with a great method to use on texas rig as people use it for fresh water bass. The little craws go bananas every twich,  if I was a fish I would eat it too. Cant wait to try it out on the salt water screen tomorrow for wrasse in the Atlantic Ocean Coastline as well.

At the end the frozen fingers ,ears, rods and reels all worth it. And now off to pack to Donegal for a 4 day wrasse and pollack fishing, hope weather will play balls on the rocks. This is better than therapy :) Tight lines guys for the new year :)

Monday, 22 December 2014

Molix Sligozzo 2" adventures for perch

Between wrapping up 2 christmas present manage to head out a wee quick perch trip. Out of the buzzing city of crazy shoppers, this few hours just simply helped me to switch off my mind of the stress. And also give me a chance to try out my Glowing Pink 2" Molix Sligozzo. This lure has a special story from earlier this year. We went to the Tackle and Gun Show in Birmingham and met with 2 lovely people at the Molix stand Franchesca and Marco Tortora. The stand was so eye cathing and the lures are just magnificent. Have a long chat about how is fishing in Italy and over here, change great storys and at the end he give us this little things to try out, since I tried them I been hooked up for Molix products, such a great job guys :)

Molix 2" Sligozzo

Superb wee lure for perch or any kinda spices hunting on LRF kit. Rigged up with a 3g jighead moves so tidy in the water. The little tail going mad even with a smallest twitch, create pretty freaky effect in the water. Small fish just couldnt resist. Really looking forward to try the big brother 4" Sligozzo on saltwater for wrasse over the new year, I small success with that lure again with.

Later on the day when I decided to have enaugh fun of the little buddys , I change my lure to the RA Shad  and yes its strikes again for the bigger boys, I also have them in green pumpkin colour for wrasse for my Donegal trip over the new year will be savage for  fish I feel it in my bones.

So all together its wasnt a bad year at all , most a time my line was tight so glad and thankful for it. Interesting that such as a fresh water angler, looking forward very much with itchy hands to go back to Donegal and  and try my lures in salt water such as wrasse and pollack.
I hope you guys will have a peaceful holidays, merry christmas and happy new year with tight lines :)
See you next year....

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Festive Perching with Molix RA Shad

Lure: Molix RA Shad 3"

Successfully break my blanked sessions here in Northern Ireland. Serious weather issues, over flooded rivers,lakes and insane amount of rain crossed our trips constantly at the last months. Only one option left to try our luck this weekend, little canals of from the main river connections, I was desperate to catch some pike even in any size but they still dont show up, many frozen hours on the blank, frozen fingers and still nothing. But some decent perch break the ice.

After try a few spots we stop in one of the canals which was an absolutely deadly looking stretch for pike but still no action. At the end of the stretch was some deep spot front of the water gates to keep it separate the canal from the main river. Yes bang on  tap tap and I hooked my first perch on the Molix RA Shad rigged up weedless jikka style, reel it in slow steady retrieve just above the bottom.

The hook is set in the lure just at the perfect place where the small paddle tail start begin which increase your hook ups as the perch like nip the tails first on the lures. The ribbed body in two tone colours give an extra vibration in the water. I choose a little bit lighter colour , because the high water levels still coloured the water like a milky tea. The silver belly gives an incredible flash on steady retrieve plus the little sparkly bits in the body tempted the fish extremely well to take a bite.

We managed a few double hook ups as well. The other fish was caught on the 2" Reins Rock Vibe Shad. The interesting thing is that this two lure so similar but even one inch and the difference of the tail and the hook sets in the lure, I did caught way more and bigger fish with the RA Shad. They both  deadly perch lures but looks like the little details makes a huge difference.

So at the end I was so delighted with this little buddys, really made my weekend big time and they was awesome sport on light gear. The frosted hours well paid off on the blank this times. And of course the love for the fish put me in the mood of  proper festive season along with a thiny Robin who was very friendly as well. 

Rod: Abu Garcia Veritas 5-25g
Reel: Daiwa Legalis 2500
Lure: Molix RA Shad 3"
Braid: Sunline Superbraid 5
Lures supplied by: fishonlures.co.uk

Tight lines ;)

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Winter is coming..........Spindle worms striking

End of October, grey skies , rain at least 5 days constantly, 46 mph wind but people who love this sport just simply cant sit at home so packed the car and head to Co. Donegal for a bit of fresh air.
Super rough weather but get on the slippy rocks and stand the wind which at some points feels like will blow me away.

Quickly think what set up I could use between two huge swells - I decided to rig up a Megabass Spindle worm. It has a 15 g body weight plus my added 7 g bomb led with split rig  (jika rig). First cast boom babe this beautiful wrasse on the hook. The lure seems to fall super fast on the way to the bottom, the Vios Hyper Mineral Salt Gel around the lure and in the material really does the business.

Jika rigged Megabass Spindle Worm 5", 09 Sparkling Wine colour

When the lure start sinks down, it creates quiet a bit of movement in the water especially the first part of the body which ribbed against the water, the second joint where is the tail starts, only connected with a tiny material which brings up the max action of the paddle tail.

Texas Rigged Spindle Worm

Rigged up Texas style with 7 g cone lead and red glass bead for an extra sound effect seems perfect for Wild Atlantic Pollack fishing. Also this colour works very effectively in low light conditions. The lures scented with Shrimp Powder witch attracts predators.

Or when is the tide is dropping and need cut back the weight a little bit, just need to use a weedless hook with a 3.5g of belly weight - its perfect to fish top of the kelp, in the gullies with steady retrieve or sink and draw technique to find Pollack.

Weedless set up with 3.5g belly weight

This lure perfectly works on the salt water scene but its not enough for me I will plate it for fresh water predators as well hopefully next weekend when the weather will let me to stick my nose out and do the "match the hatch".

Monday, 27 October 2014

Fight with the elements

Finally manage to stick my nose out from the house for a few hours.
Between a mini hurricane and storms hitting our coast in the UK. The weather conditions wasnt great at all but i need to sort my cabin fever somehow, so head out to Co. Armagh for a bit of fresh air with a hope that my braid dont gonna fly away.

Have a few jack pike on the pretty funky set ups, its because the 46mp/hr wind doesnt really let play my game the way i roll usually. For example 120mm Black Minnows on 12g  shore head instead the shallow head. But at least i can cast and feels whats going on at the end of my line. Once about every 20 cast i could cast the spot what i need and nailed by a pike, so it is worked :)

Another "funky " set up of the day was the 14g jika rigged 13.5cm Daiwa Duckfin Shad. They seems like cant resist for it in Gudgeon colour, i had to say its a very effective lure to use. I personally never been a fan of the bright coloured lures for pike, but this lure has the fins remind like roach, the belly is flashing up white when reel it slowly and inside the tail is white again witch does the same flashy effect. On the back  of the lure is natural brownish/greenish colour with black spots witch looks so natural between the half a live lilly pads at this time of the year. The material of the body is tough enaugh to handle the teeth marks very well, i cought 3 jack on this lure and still works perfectly, but also soft enaugh to prove awesome hook ups on weedless set up. I just needed to add a bit extra  14g weight clipped on the wire trace.

So at the end my cabin fever was sorted for a wee while, no monsters this session but great to see the new generation of green beautys are in top condition and after a quick snaps all returned safely to be real mosters one day. Still a great sport as always. 

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Megabass Zonk 120 Gataride

As I mentioned in my last post I became a Megabass product tester for Zone Japan ( zonejapan.co.jp ), witch is a pretty awesome opportunity to fish with super highly engineered lures.

One of my first item is a Megabass Zonk 120 Gataride Hi-Pitch in GG Valencia Gold colour.

Its a shallow diver lure, swims approx 35cm under the surface.On the freshwater screen, at this time of the year, when the weed is still alive at the bottom of the lakes/rivers this lure is one of my top choice. 
The little lip on the front gives this lure an incredible wobbling action just under the surface witch provide attention to any lurking predator between the weeds.
 The GG Valencia Gold colour became super flashy on medium/fast retrive, beautiful piece of art created on the body of this lure.
 Another hudge benefit of this beauty is the tungsten weight transfer system. Have to say in pretty windy conditions i can still cast like a rocket with, also the weight 18g is perfectly balance the lure if fishing the currents on the river or on the sea.
Altogether i just could recommend this lure, one of the must have for a fresh water pike angler or even for salt water for sea bass in low light conditions.
 Awesome piece of kit to carry wherever you will go, predators cant resist.

The new reviews will come up next :

-Super XLayer 07 Ghost Shad/ Solid 4.1/2 inch

-Vision ONETEN FX 110mm 1/2 oz.

-X-Pod 108mm 3/4oz Wagin Higai

-Spindleworm 09 Sparkling Wine 5 inch

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Joys of hard rock fishing

Co. Donegal

Another few fantastic days out fishing. Nothing can beat when just everything click together, the fresh air, perfect conditions, breath taking view, and all what you have to do is fish hard to catch a dream fish. Its better than any therapy on the world and by the time you hunt for the " life time fish" do you still so happy with any size witch decide to take bend on the rod and let you to take your trophy shot. And see them happily swim away after release .

Fishing for wrasse is slowly make me wonder more and more about sea fishing. As a fresh water angler is quiet a big word. No matter what size they are , always top sport on soft plastic lures.

Its seem they cant resist for some sorted colours such as pumpkin seed, water melon red,chartreuse sparkle, motor oil, gudgeon, pumpkin seed blue sparkle specially from Z-man rabel, we use them successfully on the trips. In variations of shapes like, curling tail grub shads, senkos, paddle tail shads, slender tail worms, beaver style baits, soft plastic crabs, scented shrimps, yabby craws. The sky is the limit. But once you got the right colour in the right shape its not always enaugh, because this fish designed to live in the gullies and rocks and feed mostly on crabs etc they still not predators and really facy abaut the lure presentation. Quiet a challenge to work all this points out well, plus read the weather conditions and tide times, such a short time to think, once they switch on feed you have to be ready to rock and roll.

My personal best wrasse 4.5lb on this trip

Cant wait to go back to this stunning country side and stunning coast line of the Atlantic Ocean. So much more to discover. But maybe back a little bit for the fresh water fishing, the northernn pike season gonna kick  soon and really dont wanna miss that meeting with the green beautys, plus have one more extra adrenalin bomb about, i have a chance to try and test some Megabass lures from the Japanese guys. New big adventures coming up so stay tuned guys and tight lines .

Monday, 22 September 2014

All for one and one for all

Abu Garcia Veritas
( 7ft, 3 -15g )

This rod is became as my one and only, well as a maniac its not the only rod what i had but still the most special from all of them. People complaining that fishing is too expensive sport, well i think i easely can deny that. The market is insanly hudge, i cant even choose myself but with a little clever thinking can discover a lot of tipe of pieces with a great set up. For example this rod is perfect for spinning around salt or fresh water . Light enaugh to have good fun on perch or seatrout, but tough enaugh to handle a decent seabass or pike. Very popular rod for  american anglers, use it very succesfully for fresh water large mouth bass. Im personally in love with this series, mostly because its a "tough guy" when it comes to handle a fish, but such a sensitive body to feel every single little moves on the lure.  Of course to choose a rod its different and personal for everybody, but once you find "the great love"  you hooked on.

Daiwa Legalis 2506 SH

Ohh yess the Daiwa legalis, well the Japanese company really knows whats the fishermens dream. Should say this reels one of must have sexy piece of kit.  Im personally not a fan for the heavy set up when its comes to spinning. if you knows how to fight with the fish not really need it anyway. A few details of this beauty :
Gear Ratio: 6.2:1 (93cm) , Weight: 260g , Ball Bearings: 4+1 , Max Drag: 4.0kg , Spool Cap.:5lb/140m. Its a pretty fast reel witch is ideal for sea fishing, provide amazing speed for top water lures. Also very succesfull on fresh water as well specially at summer time when the weed comes up and makes the spinning a bit more difficult. I also think another special feature for this reels the super smooth drag system, set it up for the right line i never has broken line on me when it comes to fight with bigger fish.

So however im still not spend the future on my kit but for a bit of invest i have what i need . Next mission is gonna be about " match the hatch" between fresh or salt water lures .

Friday, 19 September 2014

Wrasse paradise

Finally get a few days out on the rocks, hunting for some "gold fish". I personally love fishing for wrasse, they are pretty powerfull species. Manage to fish for them a good few time since last year and have to say i have surprise every time end of my line. From the bite witch could take the rod out of your hands if you lame , actually never can tell the size what you hook. Even the small ones provide exellent fight on light gear, and the variation of colours is magnificent, every single one of them has different pattern and beautiful shades of colours.

The feeding habit of wrasse could be very tricky and operated on tide levels and weather conditions. Well the "fight with the elements" never been new for fisherman any way. But once they switch on the feed we manage double hook ups on the session, right place right time. The interesting thing was that we fished around the spot for 4-6 hrs before they decided to feed and before that manage a few fish but they where very picky abaut lures and presentation etc, by that time the tide turns low to high and the sky gets cloudy a bit, booom with those conditions we have non stop blend on the rods.

Awsome ground to try soft plastic lure technics.Because they could be pickey most the time, could be usefull if you target a few colour and shape variations under your slave. Can try different rigs, the presentation also important for them, they are not predators but somehow the Fiiish Black Minnow is savage for them, witch completly fish shape imitation they still take a bite. Also used with very much succes soft plastic worms, senkos, and crab imitations rigged on texas,carolina or jika rigs.

Jika rig

 Texas rig

Well at the end i spend a really awsome few days on the rocks of Atlantic, learn a bit more how the sea and the conditions could effect the fish feeding habit, and experience a hudge variety of technics and lure choices, styles. One step closer to read the sea :)


Sunday, 27 July 2014

Wild Atlantic Pollack chasing

Take a few days off from work and decided to head to Co. Donegal for a long weekend with my other half. I have to say its a stunning and perfect playground for a sea angler. Beautiful hills and mountains and between them lots small lakes witch target brown trout. We went to the rocks spinning for some pollack. 120mm Fiish Black Minnows does the business as usual, this lure is originally designed for sea fishing, smaller lighter versions specially for shore fishing, so impressed they work very well.

You could buy them allready rigged or buy by parts. Comes with various colours, sizes, and different heads for different fishing technics. For pollack i used the "drop and sink" technic, the shore head designed for this. Reel with medium speed, lift the rod up a bit slowly and drop back a bit faster, the fish often hit the lure when its falling down, the pedal tail makes super vibrations on the way back. The off shore head work same but used from the boats it deeper water to sink a lure faster to the deep, very succesfull for big pollack and seabass. Also from the same company comes out the new Fiish Crazy Sandeel, witch is the big gun for the big boys. 

Stevens fish cought on Fiish Crazy Sandeel

This lure is imitation of the real sand eels perfectly, the action in the water the way they swimms and also the special flash comes tough brilliantly, big pollack cant resist. I could see in real how sand eels looks compare to the Crazy Sandeel, because i hooked quiet a big one. In summer time when the sand eels comes in to the bays the fish follows them , this is mostly the natural bait fish what they feeding on.

This is the sand eel what i cought

And take a look on the CrazySandeels, the guys does quiet a brilliant job to create the same plastic lure.

I had an absolutly brilliant weekend on the rocks in Donegal, discover a little bit of the Atlantic Ocean. Fresh air, breath taking sunsets, stunning view of mountains rivers and lakes. Beautiful fish super sport, what else could i wish more.

Pike attack on the surface

Summer time when the water temperature is getting warmer, could see that pike often comes up to the surface after a bait fish to feed or just simply enjoy the sunshine. If they are in feeding stage could catch them on top water. This buddy takes the Illex Bonnie 95 (SG Ayu). Trully awsome bite,i could see the fish follows the lure behind so slowed down the lure a little bit and boooom fish on, jumps out from the water and hit the lure on the way back. I landed my first surface cought pike.

Illex Bonnie 95 (SG Ayu)

Read a lot abaut this lure but pretty hard to find in Uk, without the postage cost you the fortune from France, but manage to put my hands on from www.fishonlures.co.uk next day arrived yeah just in time. Really cool lure moves in perfect zig zag top of the water and because of that action the little rattles give a really special noise when twitch it with the line every each time. If you in ability to see the fish when follows it and feels the rithim of the fish imm almost 100% you can catch it. Also cast like a rocket even with wire trace and braid, could cover a hudge distance.

Would love to put my hands on the other different colours, looks soo tasty. Im sure could be succesfully use them on salt water predators as well such as seabass or pollack when the conditions right for it. Irresistable lure.

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Perching out and abaut

Perch,a lovely member of the bass family. Head out to the Lough Erne connection for a little explore, i personally love been there because nice variety of piesces there and the fish is in top condition. This stripy creatures moves all around in soles so i prefer to stay mobile, walk and cast to follow them. They taking the lure very agressive and lots of head shakes etc, brilliant sport on light gear.

The way i was follow the sole notice they quiet like the grund under the boats, the weed is mostly only at the bottom and the water is abaut medium deep like 1~1,5m deep, witch is ideal place for them to take cover from the bigger predators such as pike. Because of the clear conditions in the water they looks more interested from the flashes witch comes from the blade of the thiny Meps. Also was succes to fish with small plastic lures with pedal tail and small jigheads, often people say use bright colours, for soft plastic i still prefer natural colours and the vibration of the tail. Small weedless Black Minnow allows you to fish deeper on the ground to discover them between weeds, siply cant resist.

Usually dont need to use wire trace for perch, firstable is change the way your lure  action in the water, and perch has no teeths to bite tough on the mon line or braid, but and there is a big but, witch is happen to me when i was messing with them under the boats, i hooked a wee perch and when try to landed has another bite end of my line, about 15lber pike decided to take my hooked perch, i was lucky enaugh to manage the fight for pretty lon because i had  small wire trace on, but my small jigged single hook after the forth run just cant keep up, witch is understable hahaha but i was soo close to land my personal best pike indeed fight on light gear. However trace or not its your choice, but perch isnt really fancy and if you have a pike attack on give you a bit of chance to land it safely both. End of the day i still had a good fun but had to say Gina 0 pike 1, next time maybe will meet again.

Friday, 25 July 2014

Proper bend on my new rod

Finnaly out from the kitchen and manage to take a wee trip to pike land . Was absolutly worth it . I had a new rod  for my birthday, its a 7ft long Abu Garcia Veritas 10~25g black and white spinning rod . W where in Dublin on the Swords Angling Show and stay up in the town for a weekend. Take a wee walk in the center and find a pretty oldschool looking tackle shop, i saw this rod there and was love at first sight. My other half get it for me for birthday present with a matching coloured Penzon Mitchel reel, of course i was extremly exithed to try it  Finally arrived to the lake, i didnt even wait for a usuall coffe etc after trravel , i just head down to wet my line. the rod  and reel combination was awsome and with braid i cast like a rocket, but after a few hours still just a few bites and nothing. decided to take an adventure arround the lake , wasnt much space to cast it was trees everywhere. At the very corner was look deadly and full of lilypads witch means only weedless gear what we can talk abaut, so like a rambo get myself there, really hard ground to make a cast but when its happened in right place right time i can cast just front of the lillypads with a savage gear roach imitation 4play weeedless set up. i was knew i havent got many chance because im too noisy but reeld in very slowly and tried to covered from surface to the deepness the distance. Its worked, beautiful 9lber what i hooked first. Super fight and really aggressive, lots headshakes and jumps but this lady been landed. Quick trophy photo and relase safely for another fight.
Stay on the spot and expected to be quiet for a few minutes, nothing for a same lure so i decided to change on for an orange FishArrow soft plastic. This lure is made to drives salt water predators crazy but im such an open minded angler so give a go for a deadly moves, yess i had a bit smaller brother from above. Also had bites on the blue colour as well, have to say its a brilliant
ant lure for pike.

My third fish was very close to 10lb. Simply cant resist for a 90mm Fiish Black Minnows. The new shallow head dont let it to dive straight too deep, but still kept the deadly move and flash from the belly, ohh and the unresistable paddle tail effect.Swims awsomely tough the lillypads,i  love weedless hooks.End of the trip the "fish of the day" was mine so have to say  Gina won the bottle again!