Monday, 12 January 2015

Salt water lures for pike

Lovely saturday trip, ice showers, -1 degrees, 6o mile an hr average wind speed, high water levels and tea coloured water. This conditions was on the lake when we arrived. The perfect weather for lit the fire and just stay in all day for regular people, but not for us, we was determined to go pike fishing no matter what nothing could stop our mind about. And at the end its all worth it.

This green beauty made one of my best memorable strike and fight. Jumped out of the water 3 times like a trout does and made my reel smoke on full tight several times. The fish was in top condition and so aggressive. Take my jikka rigged 5" Reins Fat Rockvibe Shad in Wakasagi colour, wasnt any kinda hesitation when she bite it, straight hook set and huge run. Im still buzzing after a day, pure awesome adrenalin injection.

5" Reins Fat Rockvibe Shad Wakasagi

I find it interesting to start using salt water lures for pike. Quiet convinced that that by the years pike pretty much educated, on some often fished waters they skip all the popular fresh water hot colours like fire tiger etc. The Rockvibe shad also very effective on salt water for any predators such as Pollack, Coalfish, Seabass. In coloured water the lure was more look like white and super visible, that what I was exactly hope for. The 10g led and Illex 4/0 super sharp weedless wide gape hooks make the perfect moves out of this lure without snagging.

Another smaller pike of the trip

This smaller pike falls for another salt water lure, IMA Sasuke 130 Gouriki 25g. I just called the ultimate casting champion, 100m easily without any pressure. This lure designed for distance in rough conditions on salt water, the action comes when the lure dig in the swells and the rattles going mad inside, pretty loud. As we dont have a joys of swells on still water you have to work this lure pretty hard like under water popper on fast retrieve. Same effect comes from the rattles , the shiny belly flashes up non stop and the little spots on the side and the shape of the lure quiet reminding for a trout.

IMA Sasuke 130 Gouriki 25g

All the fish has been released safely for another day fight. It was absolutely awesome and on the plus side I take the "fish of the day trophy" home against the guys........should I say AGAIN :D
Tight lines ;)

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Molix S-Stick against the waves in Co.Donegal

Packed the gear and head to Donegal for 4 days to start the new year with. Well this picture is shows the beautiful side of the Atlantic coast line, lovely calm beach,light swells, standing and spinning away on the rocks, stunning sunset. So relaxed mind clearing joys of fishing.

And this is the grey side of the elements. The picture no where near give back the impression of the 15 meters waves way out at distance . We have huge swells as well where we was stand but trust me it was breath taking to even just watch it. 68 mile/hr wind created those monster waves, makes me think that never under estimate the sea, if its hit you just will completely wash you away like a feather. 

Lure: Molix 4" S-Stick Savetta
Hook: OMTD  FatWorm 3/0

All what we caught and I think I still could say  we did well by the way, one small coal fish on Molix 4" S-Stick. Some places where deep so we used up to 25g weights but still couldnt really keep in touch with the lures because the strong swells. The S-Stick in Savetta colour seems does the business, could retrieve with various methods and the lure perfectly has the " walk the dog" action under the water or on the surface fished as weedless. The white belly flashes with every twitch and the purple sparkles gives and extra shiny effect for the lure witch drives any predatory fish mad.

So at the end we have been there, try our best and proof that we could catch fish 12 months a year. Sometimes its calm sometimes its rough but people who call themselves fanatic anglers, really nothing cant stop us to be there even if no fish just the feeling, thats fishing! But remember safety first no matter what!
Tight lines guys for the new adventures ;)