Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Winter is coming..........Spindle worms striking

End of October, grey skies , rain at least 5 days constantly, 46 mph wind but people who love this sport just simply cant sit at home so packed the car and head to Co. Donegal for a bit of fresh air.
Super rough weather but get on the slippy rocks and stand the wind which at some points feels like will blow me away.

Quickly think what set up I could use between two huge swells - I decided to rig up a Megabass Spindle worm. It has a 15 g body weight plus my added 7 g bomb led with split rig  (jika rig). First cast boom babe this beautiful wrasse on the hook. The lure seems to fall super fast on the way to the bottom, the Vios Hyper Mineral Salt Gel around the lure and in the material really does the business.

Jika rigged Megabass Spindle Worm 5", 09 Sparkling Wine colour

When the lure start sinks down, it creates quiet a bit of movement in the water especially the first part of the body which ribbed against the water, the second joint where is the tail starts, only connected with a tiny material which brings up the max action of the paddle tail.

Texas Rigged Spindle Worm

Rigged up Texas style with 7 g cone lead and red glass bead for an extra sound effect seems perfect for Wild Atlantic Pollack fishing. Also this colour works very effectively in low light conditions. The lures scented with Shrimp Powder witch attracts predators.

Or when is the tide is dropping and need cut back the weight a little bit, just need to use a weedless hook with a 3.5g of belly weight - its perfect to fish top of the kelp, in the gullies with steady retrieve or sink and draw technique to find Pollack.

Weedless set up with 3.5g belly weight

This lure perfectly works on the salt water scene but its not enough for me I will plate it for fresh water predators as well hopefully next weekend when the weather will let me to stick my nose out and do the "match the hatch".