Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Illex Element Rider S230M

Ahhn well 2017 is at the doorstep ......which means new goodies and discontinued models see sunlight. However sad to see the Delivrance series gone and a couple of the Element Rider Series like the was my first rod love first cast! Firstable would change the technical details
of it, instead 7-28g should be 7-50g...can cast up to 65g but start wobble a little. I caught pike,perch,bream,bass,wrasse,pollack,mackerel with it in all sizes. Ultimate cross over rod for anything really. Its a 2 piece rod, the top section is perfectly sensitive down to 7g and even small perch fun to catch with or any small rig for bream in slight current,love it. But......when u fishing small lake for pike and there is also a chance to catch a decent one with  180-200 shads the backbone just locks down.......this yellow stick has a serious power in it for a "28g" rated rod . Probably in some shape or form you guys might came a cross with this model,  was a resident in the catalouge for long time :D

Im personally dont like stiff rods.... just need a little softness. Pretty cool that nearly all old Element Rider rods has a little bendiness just enough to not loose your fish and the strikes with them are the 250XH, absolute beast!
Favourite lure with the 230M?......has to be the 150 Nitro Shad Golden green 21g head on the drop 6m....coolest takes and strikes ever.

However i think its an absolute amazing rod, my favorite so far ...what a stick to have really! I think if I break it that will be end of the world just to be dramatic. Here are some more pictures of this beauty.....tight lines ;)