Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Ice ice baby....winter is arrived

Christmas blues is over so decided to go and do some super early morning trip for perch.
Super early i mean we arrived in dark wait for the sunrise in -4,5 degrees. Everything was frosted white and crispy.

It was absolutely freezing to stand out there and try to cast. And if all this wasnt enaugh the ice on the rod tip and in the eyes made every second cast difficult. Reels are become frozen and the braid is just one pure ice block, we was keen to get the sunshine out .

The fish was lurking just right at the bottom of the canal we felt the tap tap taps but they seems not in the proper feeding mode at all. The winner lure was the 3" Molix Caleo Craw Watermelon Red Black Flake, rigged texas style and slow like super slow retrieve on the bottom. 

Molix Caleo Craw 3"

Brilliant lure together with a great method to use on texas rig as people use it for fresh water bass. The little craws go bananas every twich,  if I was a fish I would eat it too. Cant wait to try it out on the salt water screen tomorrow for wrasse in the Atlantic Ocean Coastline as well.

At the end the frozen fingers ,ears, rods and reels all worth it. And now off to pack to Donegal for a 4 day wrasse and pollack fishing, hope weather will play balls on the rocks. This is better than therapy :) Tight lines guys for the new year :)

Monday, 22 December 2014

Molix Sligozzo 2" adventures for perch

Between wrapping up 2 christmas present manage to head out a wee quick perch trip. Out of the buzzing city of crazy shoppers, this few hours just simply helped me to switch off my mind of the stress. And also give me a chance to try out my Glowing Pink 2" Molix Sligozzo. This lure has a special story from earlier this year. We went to the Tackle and Gun Show in Birmingham and met with 2 lovely people at the Molix stand Franchesca and Marco Tortora. The stand was so eye cathing and the lures are just magnificent. Have a long chat about how is fishing in Italy and over here, change great storys and at the end he give us this little things to try out, since I tried them I been hooked up for Molix products, such a great job guys :)

Molix 2" Sligozzo

Superb wee lure for perch or any kinda spices hunting on LRF kit. Rigged up with a 3g jighead moves so tidy in the water. The little tail going mad even with a smallest twitch, create pretty freaky effect in the water. Small fish just couldnt resist. Really looking forward to try the big brother 4" Sligozzo on saltwater for wrasse over the new year, I small success with that lure again with.

Later on the day when I decided to have enaugh fun of the little buddys , I change my lure to the RA Shad  and yes its strikes again for the bigger boys, I also have them in green pumpkin colour for wrasse for my Donegal trip over the new year will be savage for  fish I feel it in my bones.

So all together its wasnt a bad year at all , most a time my line was tight so glad and thankful for it. Interesting that such as a fresh water angler, looking forward very much with itchy hands to go back to Donegal and  and try my lures in salt water such as wrasse and pollack.
I hope you guys will have a peaceful holidays, merry christmas and happy new year with tight lines :)
See you next year....

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Festive Perching with Molix RA Shad

Lure: Molix RA Shad 3"

Successfully break my blanked sessions here in Northern Ireland. Serious weather issues, over flooded rivers,lakes and insane amount of rain crossed our trips constantly at the last months. Only one option left to try our luck this weekend, little canals of from the main river connections, I was desperate to catch some pike even in any size but they still dont show up, many frozen hours on the blank, frozen fingers and still nothing. But some decent perch break the ice.

After try a few spots we stop in one of the canals which was an absolutely deadly looking stretch for pike but still no action. At the end of the stretch was some deep spot front of the water gates to keep it separate the canal from the main river. Yes bang on  tap tap and I hooked my first perch on the Molix RA Shad rigged up weedless jikka style, reel it in slow steady retrieve just above the bottom.

The hook is set in the lure just at the perfect place where the small paddle tail start begin which increase your hook ups as the perch like nip the tails first on the lures. The ribbed body in two tone colours give an extra vibration in the water. I choose a little bit lighter colour , because the high water levels still coloured the water like a milky tea. The silver belly gives an incredible flash on steady retrieve plus the little sparkly bits in the body tempted the fish extremely well to take a bite.

We managed a few double hook ups as well. The other fish was caught on the 2" Reins Rock Vibe Shad. The interesting thing is that this two lure so similar but even one inch and the difference of the tail and the hook sets in the lure, I did caught way more and bigger fish with the RA Shad. They both  deadly perch lures but looks like the little details makes a huge difference.

So at the end I was so delighted with this little buddys, really made my weekend big time and they was awesome sport on light gear. The frosted hours well paid off on the blank this times. And of course the love for the fish put me in the mood of  proper festive season along with a thiny Robin who was very friendly as well. 

Rod: Abu Garcia Veritas 5-25g
Reel: Daiwa Legalis 2500
Lure: Molix RA Shad 3"
Braid: Sunline Superbraid 5
Lures supplied by: fishonlures.co.uk

Tight lines ;)