Saturday, 6 June 2015

Pike addiction

As i mentioned in last posts i moved from Ireland's pike paradise to Alderney's salt water heaven.
Of course I bring my beloved lures over and the selection is growing bigger and  bigger as I start knowing the ground and the fish here. But mann the pike fishing is so missing for me, its an addiction in my head , like hunt one specific fish. Everybody is different and like catch fish different ways but for me pike on lures is the nirvana, seriously, my "cabin fever" is just drives me mad.....I need to go back to Ireland to do a good 5 days intensive nonstop pike fishing. Looks like the days coming together slowly to make the final booking and then  start shopping for the new tackle. last time i was there i had my lighter set up with me , witch is super fun but i plan to hunt my fish of the life time so i need put together the big guns this time for big river pike fishing.

Will put my hands on one of the Illex rod from the Delivrance series, such a lovely rod with a power to turn any size of predator around in a current. Combined with some Illex Dexter Shads 24cm, Flat Bone Clicker, Gunki Sweepgun, 200 Fiiish BlackMinnows for the deeper areas and 160 BlackMinnows with 15g shore head for the shallow bays, looking forward to try the new Molix Pike Jerks as well..... and many many more good lures to do the best job as they smaller versions proved they does.  And i just had my new 3000 Daiwa X-Fire reel a few weeks ago, well if the green lady's decided to pull hard this reel has a 7kg/15lb drag on it so i will be totally up for the game! But this is just the rough draft of the set up , exiting times to put everything together to try to cover all the possibility's what i will face.....its like McDonald's...I'm Lovin It!!!

I have been hosted/guided on my last trip by Gerard Smyth, who runs a family owned business with a  lovely traditional Irish B&B with breakfast and dinner, it was absolutely super time to stay after a long fishing day, but check out yourself his website  i  had a super time over and i just could recommend and my plan to go back for this trip in September.

Cant wait to go back with a proper gear to discover this stunning part of Ireland, just breath taking when racing all over on the boat and see the old ancient castles, this place is full of history , sitting in silence far away from the city, perfect get away!  And on the plus side Gerard offer guided belly boat tour as well (of course on lakes:) witch im really looking forward to as well for a day or two, sounds super fun. I will take my lighter set up for that Illex Element Rider S230M 5-25g and the smaller brothers of those lures above 10-15cm 4"-5" and maybe fly rod  too .

This is a pure addiction for this fish for me, beautiful, so aggressive proper fresh water hunter. I clearly remember when i caught my first one when i was 8yr old, wast big maybe 2lb and i put my hand in the mouth when i landed but that was the moment when i fall in total love with this fish .....cant delete the feeling when they attack the lure and strike and the fight starts, head shakes jumps and specially when the big ladys start go and reach the point when you need to give them a bit line because she dont gonna stop until your line get to the breaking point......mind game filled with adrenaline just mad.....hope will have a good weather in september for us but until that get some lures to get ready  and the most important thing .....Tight Lines ! ;)