Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Lure fishing for wrasse on Alderney with Molix lures

Molix S-Stick 4" Savetta

Where should I start ? I think if I said I moved to the salt water lure heaven 2 weeks ago, I dont think these words is describe it properly the wrasse fishing over here. Had a good few takes and my biggest one is so far over 5lb fall for the 3.8" Molix RA Shad in Smoke Sunrise colour. The ground here is a little bit different then the usual deep gullies in   Donegal, I fish over the same rocky ground but its very shallow compare to home , the wrasse come and feed on the rocks with a tide and move back with the next one, but the methods is exactly the same , slowly bump on the rocks with the lure.

Molix 3.8" RA Shad Smoke Sunrise (texas style rigged)

For this style of lure fishing I would suggest to stuck up as many as you can variety of weighs to your tackle box and more finesse are they the less chance to stuck with. And I also like to use a lot of different set-ups, the 3 most important for me and they always in my box: jikka, texas and weighted weedless hooks. Im using the Illex Element Rider S230M 5-28g rod for wrasse the reason is its sensitive enough to feel the lure even on 5g weight but also have a serious power from the back bone to fight with the 5lb wish. I using the Daiwa 20lb SW. Tripple gamma Leader, surprise surprise not fluorocarbon, this leader designed to be super tough for salt water lure fishing no rock will break it. I have my weights from 3g up to 14g max (in all type texas bullet leds, jikka leds and belly weighted hooks) because I think the wrasse fishing on lures is a game of senses, you need to get your rod and your terminal tackle in harmony with the swells, thats why I carry a lot of different weights, the wrasse are not a predatory fish so they dont gonna hunt your lures, they are more curious and can be spooky at the same time. Dont need big heavy weights to touch the bottom need a little movement only witch if you have the right weight on the swell will do it for you and its simple and more natural then twitch it all around the place. And I leaved my favourite part at the end the lure choice!!! If you say wrasse I would say Molix! ;)

 Molix Sligozzo 4" Pumpkin Seed

Wrasse love paddle tails, the Molix Ra Shad series comes in lots of colours to chose from but my favourite wrasse colours is :green pumpkin, pumpkin orange, mx june bug, smoke sunrise, water melon gold chart. Im not using bigger than 4.5" lures for wrasse this size cover the medium to huge size of them so most the time either way I will have fun.
The Molix 4.5" S-Stick is a real player with the swell, the lure has an interesting shape like nearly a triangle and because of that falling in the water slower that other lures, sticks against the swell and the main body slow it down the movement. At the same time the thiny tail with the air bobble in it moves to different way and always pointing up , brilliant lure i love them in savetta colour, blue notte, ghost gill,marron glace.
And the Sligozzo....4" perfect chunky monkey, savage for wrasse! Like rag worm on steroids with annoying thin flapping tail, of course wrasse want it to bite it and they coming in awesome colours too: cinnamon pepper, watermelon red black flake,bloody pumpkin, natural shad, motor oil.......the sky is the limit.

I have my lures from www.fishonlures.co.uk and here is a few more snaps because i also love photographing them as well....hope the few info was helpful and see you on the rocks....tight lines ;)