Saturday, 6 January 2018

There is something else............

This post will be a little different than big fish or tackle review......
Decided to turn it into black and white.....why?......because black and white are simple. And simple things mean more than over colorful things just to create attention. As you see I don't write blogs every week, when I write I had something to inspire me, could be a tackle I'm using, could be an awesome fish or scenery or just a super day with friends and lot of laugh and its always somewhere a deep thought behind it. Now this one I battle for a good while and the years going past it start to be more and more black and white for me. 
Started when I was a kid around 6 yrs old ......of course, then every little perch or roach on the float is fun, to be honest not much changed after add 21yrs to it just the "toys" get more finesse but the feeling is still exactly the same. Now of course in that 21 years a lot of things happened and try to distract you from the black and white simple fun.....they call this growing up and get a proper job and try to put you in a box where they say "this is gonna be the best for you".

So yeah found a suitable and socially accepted "new dream" in the last 13 yrs.....can't deny I had a huge passion for food and cooking, still have these days! Work my ass off to be end up work in the best restaurant in Northern Ireland well good money, comes with lots of stress make it to work like a sheep every morning on the train, do your job and deal with people who makes your life way more complicated then need to be .....and when got a holiday most of the time I just head to Ireland to fish to offload the stress. 
So this is supposed to be the "best for you " option.....I questioned early last year. In and out of concrete jungle rushing make money and for that you have a shed lot of stress and watching sad ppl in and on the train, mostly with a phone front of they face.............this is not a life I want, woke up one day! I don't want to get on that train again and see the same routine.....its not simple and not fun.
So blow up everything and move to Ireland for the land of fishing, where is everything beautiful and green and lots of little village where people dont bother you and if you nice they nice to you.
Wasnt easy, but things started to be more simple and fun in the middle of nowhere where is a beautiful river runs across and endless amount of lakes to satisfy my mind. Hills and trees and crazy roads runs up and down between them and tiny villages every now and then....should I mention the pubs as well, common ....Irish pub, live music and laugh!

And then I get into this fly fishing madness, didn't know much about river fishing or fly before I moved beside the river, I have a really good mentor who I can thank a lot for this.......teach me the freedom to walk alongside the river and after endless amount of practice I finally manage to put that dry fly where I want when I go for a walk after work on the lovely afternoons, see sunset everything. Now this is black and white and simple fun!

Discovered a few years ago that I use fishing for escaping of the "normal world",but now it became a fact that I cant leave without at all.....perhaps dont even wanna deal with a "normal world" anymore, I wanna be free.....I wanna go and catch any fish in any size with fly or lure and there is so much to learn , every different wind direction, rain not to rain how effects water levels, moon fases, tides, and its never nothing stays the same so have to figure out and learning so much , I wanna know all this things......dont give a monkey about make up tutorials how to figure out to be a paint covered fake doll insta star or how you call it these days. I wanna walk down on that river and know how to fish every single pool of it, how to catch awesome memories and let them swim away, or lakes when how and how deep to found a big pike or a big perch in every season in every different wind etc.......I have a job, not mega money but allows me to fish, but even when Im in work

all I can think about in the actual day Im able to go fishing, check weather and then try to work out what tackle what depth what weight to use .....its crazy, it is actually driving me crazy and drives me every day to learn more and more ......and learn less and less about this "normal world" I dont wanna see how people destroy it.....instead I try to live that I now Im not destroying it.
So yeah hopefully one day I can make a living of a freedom and live in harmony with nature......that will be my black&white simple happiness with my rod in the hand.
It was a complex decision from last year and I did it a little bit crazy way......but looking back my last blog post it was totally worth it! I made for fishing, took me 27 years to realize it but that's the end of story really because nothing will make me happier.
Remember guys keep it simple, black&white and keep casting!

Tight Lines!