Monday, 27 October 2014

Fight with the elements

Finally manage to stick my nose out from the house for a few hours.
Between a mini hurricane and storms hitting our coast in the UK. The weather conditions wasnt great at all but i need to sort my cabin fever somehow, so head out to Co. Armagh for a bit of fresh air with a hope that my braid dont gonna fly away.

Have a few jack pike on the pretty funky set ups, its because the 46mp/hr wind doesnt really let play my game the way i roll usually. For example 120mm Black Minnows on 12g  shore head instead the shallow head. But at least i can cast and feels whats going on at the end of my line. Once about every 20 cast i could cast the spot what i need and nailed by a pike, so it is worked :)

Another "funky " set up of the day was the 14g jika rigged 13.5cm Daiwa Duckfin Shad. They seems like cant resist for it in Gudgeon colour, i had to say its a very effective lure to use. I personally never been a fan of the bright coloured lures for pike, but this lure has the fins remind like roach, the belly is flashing up white when reel it slowly and inside the tail is white again witch does the same flashy effect. On the back  of the lure is natural brownish/greenish colour with black spots witch looks so natural between the half a live lilly pads at this time of the year. The material of the body is tough enaugh to handle the teeth marks very well, i cought 3 jack on this lure and still works perfectly, but also soft enaugh to prove awesome hook ups on weedless set up. I just needed to add a bit extra  14g weight clipped on the wire trace.

So at the end my cabin fever was sorted for a wee while, no monsters this session but great to see the new generation of green beautys are in top condition and after a quick snaps all returned safely to be real mosters one day. Still a great sport as always. 

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Megabass Zonk 120 Gataride

As I mentioned in my last post I became a Megabass product tester for Zone Japan ( ), witch is a pretty awesome opportunity to fish with super highly engineered lures.

One of my first item is a Megabass Zonk 120 Gataride Hi-Pitch in GG Valencia Gold colour.

Its a shallow diver lure, swims approx 35cm under the surface.On the freshwater screen, at this time of the year, when the weed is still alive at the bottom of the lakes/rivers this lure is one of my top choice. 
The little lip on the front gives this lure an incredible wobbling action just under the surface witch provide attention to any lurking predator between the weeds.
 The GG Valencia Gold colour became super flashy on medium/fast retrive, beautiful piece of art created on the body of this lure.
 Another hudge benefit of this beauty is the tungsten weight transfer system. Have to say in pretty windy conditions i can still cast like a rocket with, also the weight 18g is perfectly balance the lure if fishing the currents on the river or on the sea.
Altogether i just could recommend this lure, one of the must have for a fresh water pike angler or even for salt water for sea bass in low light conditions.
 Awesome piece of kit to carry wherever you will go, predators cant resist.

The new reviews will come up next :

-Super XLayer 07 Ghost Shad/ Solid 4.1/2 inch

-Vision ONETEN FX 110mm 1/2 oz.

-X-Pod 108mm 3/4oz Wagin Higai

-Spindleworm 09 Sparkling Wine 5 inch