Saturday, 14 January 2017

50 Shades of Ireland - Winter spinning on Lough Derg

It was a foggy morning

Magical, magical, magical place that's for sure! As might many of you guys noticed I like making things this post will be really moody photography wise. The one and only simple reason for that is the weather....changing every 5 min, or get out of the fog like a wall and the sun was shining . Perfect drifts was destroyed in a min and move spots then just float no drift just flat calm everything so just cast, cast cast cast like a machine. Probably the super high pressure didn't helped, but that's fishing Ireland winter time anyway......4 days casting for The bite! :)

Its beginning of one thing to know that this time of the year its a "one bite one monster"......or definitely a day or 2 have not a single bite. Last november I got my bite on the last day with a beauty 107........but nahh this time just didn't happened at all perhaps it was slow :)
5 fish one nice one but no monsters, however to be out there was amazing and thanks for the smaller pikes was active a little every time you got a bite have a mini heart attack that " yess this is the one"!

Sometimes the sun was out 

I was in debate with this blog for days , mostly I think because the place itself and fish the lake in different seasons is give you a completely different experience. Winter time if you decide to visit Ireland have to lower the expectations a little.....its a one fish one bite game for days specially if you drift and cast....painful! Troll well cover more water but when other boats on the lake troll all day and nothing casting might could be a made at the end "the bigfish point" and the "number point" was on the boat.   Pressure bars on the top, no wind no drift or too much wind and make difficult to drift and of course don't forget the world famous irish rain.....just cant get away. Because this elements just come and go give you a really breath taking scenery over the mountains.....really you fishing in the middle of them, my favorite spot to look back from  just after get out of Killaloe, turn around and boom you are at the feet of a mountain. Dark , angry Irish Sky's and fog, flat calm....thats how you know that leprechauns exist, something somewhere responsible to turn this place into a green wonderland every morning :) 

It was very nice of  Pierre Monjarret that take me on in january to fish, its a risky game that might dont catch anything in 4 days, but other times pays off like my last 107 from bite in 3 days, totally worth it! This time no monster but at least the weather wasn't bad , but no good for fishing eighter hahah. Last day we fished the mistery 107 drift.....and then I got a hit ....missed it but my heart was stop for a second and adrenalin up in the sky......I was like hell yeah thats what you call "mann Im a live"!!!!!
On the other hand the roaring fire in the cottage, totally made up for everything about the weather, curl up beside it and a cup of coffe, Perch Pro On....what else you can wish for really.
This is what i'm talking about ;)

If you guys looking for a trip I just truly can recommend  Pierre Monjarret or the BlackBay Lodge in Ireland, can get in touch with them by social media. (recommended season april-november) 
Super time and memorys again, see you Derg in the shallows soon.....thats a completely different ball game ;) And the Predator Battle in september......hope will see many of you guys again there or on the water.

Tight lines