Monday, 17 September 2018

Save what we have......

I know I haven't blog for a long time.......
I can't be commercial, just to write something because have to, to write I need inspiration and so far this year that just doesn't really happened.......maybe the long miserable winter when you have so much time to thinking about something else because can't get out fishing.
To start the year on the favorite lake and its colored like a milky tea for months because the "pollution" washed in from the surrounding lands to the lake with the rain, can't see the fire tiger color in 10cm visibility. And because of that no harm for the fish (well is not good for them anyway) but the fly hatches been destroyed the trout change habitat so they not feeding on fly anymore aka cant catch them on the fly....combined together with  the 200 boats on the lake in high season for years educate them to not come up to the surface. And then I still can catch them in very good size and numbers a day because of figure out what they want these days. So against all that Ireland still have a world-class trout fishery....just need to know how to get them. Tried really hard but haven't destroyed yet. Now because they don't know how to catch them blame that pike eating them......human stupidity is incredible! Of course Ireland another world-class fishery for big then again money involved plus votes for a certain party in the government, lets make the backdated aggressive trout anglers a favor and try to put in the law to kill 4x pike a day any size, and we get the vote plus a money from the license. The irony of the story about this called "save the trout campaign" is that when they hold a competition they kill all the trout ....everything.....and its published on the official government site, that how success full was the competition with 279 trout caught all together in one day. Should make it as a title "we butchered 279 trout in one day in one lake" what a "sport"!
Ireland is hugely dependent on tourism, so with this blog, I might cut a tree under myself a little ......but at the end, as it stands today we still have the world-class trout and pike fishery! I just don't understand why they try to destroy with every power they can .....we still have it! Why not protect it! Human stupidity has no limits!
The other brilliant idea I see on social media is the "boycott the tourism in Irelan so the government will realize how much it worth".....yes I been hugely sarcastic! Mostly people sharing that idea who is not living off tourism, and have no idea how much money we bring in to the local BnB, the restaurant the pub, the licenses in every the plan is to try to destroy many peoples income because is nothing to do with you???!!! Just walk in your nicely planned contracted job every day a not only 6- 8 months a year because seasonal and you depend on it. THINK!!! And on the other side, the government knows exactly how much its worth don't need to show them from your sofa.
The only way to stop this if the anglers are united not only one by one shouting out (mostly unprofessionally). Working together with the department ( which sounds "why should I do that when they killing fish") yes is not easy to take that bullet! They will still do the netting etc but to volunteer and help to make sure the fish transported safely, help when local research going on etc be possible to build a strong voice for the alliance and the united anglers professionally. And I know is possible is shown when needed to raise the voice against the new bylaw......but it was easy just send an email, need to put harder work into it to save what we have, even if is not the ideal thing to do but will be a step forward for sure.
I also know I'm alone with this idea, but shouting nasty words to the government is never gonna work unfortunately to make a permanent step forward.
Also, apologize to some of the trout anglers, there is a handful out there I know they have respect for the fish and other if you one of them please don't be offended and I'm sure will understand.
So yeah all this negativity wasn't really inspiring but I get it off from my chest and hopefully back to normal.
There is a lot of new things going on for next year as well so keep an eye out it will be class I promise. ;)
Also will do another blog very soon with all the happy stuff, because the fishing here in Ireland still so freaking good and I have so many nice fish to share....keep tuned my friends ;)

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