Sunday, 23 July 2017

Illex S240M Eging Special from the Pepper Series

You guys probably know by this time I have a thing for the M rated rods from Illex. 
I think to buy a rod is like pretty much the same when you buying cloth for yourself, very personal and most likely nobody like wearing the same stuff so no point to argue about it......
I don't like stiff rods at all, however, sometimes some method requires a little poker action from your wand. I do love my S230M from the Element Rider series, lovely rod just the way I like it lots of flexibility in the blank and has a backbone when it's up to big fish, first class all around soft plastic rod.......but to cast a hard lure with it way too soft, unfortunately. So my mission was to found a rod with the same action just a little stiffer to fire tricorolls out for trout earlier this season but still sensitive and gentle enough to fight those jumpy and fast moving trout what I was after. Also wanted to use the rod for perch as well in future so the research begun.....

I knew it has to be from the Pepper series.....but which one??!!!
The Akoya Pearl looks unbelievably stunning but I found it too light, the Finesse Symphoni was a little too stiff.....then came in my head a rod what I was hunting forever long and it was discontinued ages ago.... the old Eging Special 35g and M rated. Well, I was lucky enough that it's returned in 2017, in the brand new construction. Also, Illex introduces the new X5 Japanese Carbon in the Pepper, Artist and Element Rider Rod Series. This new 5 layer carbon material reduces the weight of the rods by 15% and make the blanks stronger 35% plus the sensitivity is incredible. Now, these rods was a beast before anyway but now.....just purely insane! The new Eging Special weights 122g, the casting rate 2,5-25g total length is 240cm. Designed for Offshore Squid fishing.....but I'm a little crazy and I use saltwater rods for my lure fishing mostly, the reason why because of they way more flexible than most fresh water rods. In my theory loose less fish when your rod is flexible...just need that little giving and I don't like when I have a slack line if the fish moves fast and especially trout famous of jumping a lot and head shakes, fast turns. Also, I found it important the rod action how you want animate the lures or plugs, I fishing quite soft and slow most of the time so you can't really do the same with a fast action rod.

Now since March when I first got it in my hands I managed catch some very nice Perch, some crazy wild big Irish Brown Trout, Mackerel, Pollack , hooked a really nice Salmon and of course when you give it to your friend to try it boom a monster meter+ Irish Pike (some trees and a shoes was in the inventory as well) yeah basically we caught everything with this rod except squid at the end. But especially for trout with the Tricorolls is my favorite, perfect long distance cast, the animation of the lure are way slower and smoother than with any other rods and some day yes this really made a difference in the boat. To fight with a trout is magical really I only lost so far 1 but that one was fail hooked in the tail. It just simply feels like everything moves together smoothly, the pressure is on but the not too playing with that 5-6lb "freshwater  ballerina" the most enjoyable way really.

For perch also extremely sensitive and soft so with a 1g jighead in the shallows can feel every movement of the lure and don't raping the hook out of the mouth when the perch shaking the head.
Christopher accidentally hooked a monster with it when we were fishing for trout....what a fight it was!! The rod is just locked down and with a perfect drag set up on the reel wasn't any problem to land it , this rod has a serious backbone which the other reason why I love fishing with saltwater rods, when it's up to big fish boom you absolutely have a chance to land it , but because it's a light category rod its very important to set the drag properly. I had a Salmon run on it as well, it was crazy such a powerful fish incredible but hooked while spinning after trout.....I was so close to land it but those little hooks in that huge bony mouth came out, there was nothing I can do about.

So at the end, I just simply can recommend the Eging Special, one of the nicest light category rod I have.....keep casting and tight lines! ;) 


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  2. Hello Asim .....thank you very much for your kind comment, im glad you like it :D tight lines ;)
    Kind Regards from Ireland