Sunday, 12 March 2017

Brown Trout Lough Sheelin Ireland

Struggled with this write up a little time wise ....but get there. I decided give one more go after the trout, so far I only caught sea trout and 3 years trying for rainbows and brown trout.....cant say I didnt try haha but never actually managed one to land, I do like my pike fishing too much.
Where to start ...well of course with my massive trout knowledge I knew I cant go very far alone on this lets found a guide. Thats how I bumped into Christopher Defillon, I remembered he helped me out with some technical details before the last Predator Battle...lets go fishing then! And he is fully kitted with Illex......lots of cool stuff, like the 250 Stream Master the new BlueShadow, new Nitro Shad Colours, Pepper and endless amount of Tricorolls!

To be honest it was very cool to catch up with someone who use Illex from over here on the fresh water screen....great chat for sure! And of course then conversation about trout in the car on the way , I got so much info thrown to my head ......I listened, but secretly I was like oke if I got one happy days because the weather didnt looked very good, but didnt have much faith in the fishing .....I have to admit I might started this trip with a little negative attitude deep down that I just gonna hook one and get off again so another fishing day wasted on trout......however it changed early on the day :D

The water was very milky tea coloured as well, just didnt look good, but we manage to found some clear areas but still need it a plug with high visibility so i put my HW Tricoroll  in Black Yamame colour on and just drifting and casting around.......then boom she just smash my lure! Then straight decided to swim quiet fast towards the boat so didnt give me much time to wake up of the "yayy I got a fish".......and of course rookie mistake give a slack line even only for a second i thought thats it gone ......"some swearing" ........but no, she was come up and boom in the net! i was so so happy and angry at the same time, that fish give me a mini heart attack......and at the same time just look at it in the net swimming around with those beautiful spots and blue metallic scales. When we did the photos and let her back I started to understand a little why my french friends are so passionate about trout fishing in they culture was new to me so but I like learning.
So hold on all the stuff what i thought blah blah blah is working,how look for the points and all the details work I just caught one like that!

Really really cool day on the water , half way I didnt give up but just sit back and float around Sheelin........I caught a beautiful trout I was happy, enjoy the freedom and Sheelin is really pretty all around , green of course but thats Ireland for you with all the hills and rivers, lakes while you get there, the grey and green colour chart is just endless and stunning!
And yeah since we did some training for the Predator Battle Ireland 2017.......because we entered and so far I know we are the youngest team.......if we keep going like this im positive so here is some more pics :) And if you looking for a same trip get in touch with Christopher Defillon :
Tight Lines Guys ;)

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