Monday 22 May 2017

Warm Up - Predator Battle Ireland 2017 Killaloe

Last year first time I entered this international competition over here in Ireland. If the pressure wasn't enough I was the first women who entered. I been in Killaloe before and fished Lough Derg for the last 3 season, but every time falling more and more in love with that beautiful village and stunning lake, surrounded by mountains. Have to say sometimes I missed bites because every time I looked up while fishing the scenery just simple taking my breath away......

And of course the lake is world famous of of the monster Northern Pikes and Ferox Trout, I manage to catch a few trophy fish over the past years and have to say my favorite place to fish for them, they not only big......they fight so hard and the takes on lures stop your heart every time......every take could be a monster.......

So after all the beauty of the geographical location  where you can stay and enjoy not only the fishing but also the excellent hospitality of the local people in the village .....this competition became my favorite so far to enter again, a real jackpot to be there.

And if you think you skilled enough to catch 4x pike 3x perch and 1x trout dont hesitate to enter.
With a hint of luck you can walk home with a brand new Aluma Craft boat and trailer or a super holiday with your team mate for example a dream musky hunting for a week in Canada or a trophy catfish in the warm and sunny Spain and so on many other super cool prices you can check out on

 There are so many cool and skilled fishermens entering every year, I met with so many nice ppl some of them representing tackle brands like Biwaa, Fox Rage, Illex, Strike Pro, Savage Gear and also local tackle shop owners and of course the local fishermens its a real challenge and need to register in time because only 25 team can enter. 

 I happily can announce our team are already in the game......and we are the youngest team so far but already did a bit of pre team fishing and so far doing however it will go on the 3 days we dont gonna give up at all and will looking forward to the pub every night to share all the good fishing storys beside a beer and meet with all the people who will be there! 

So common ladies and gentlemen send those entrys in if you want to be a part of an awesome time and hope to see you there...tight lines. ;)

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